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Freie Uni­ver­si­tät Ber­lin - Zen­t­ral­in­sti­tut Latein­amerika-Insti­tut - Drittmit­tel­pro­jekt Food For Justice

The junior research group Food for Justice exam­ines norm­at­ive ques­tions of inequal­it­ies and justice, rights and demo­cracy that arise in dis­putes sur­round­ing the global food sys­tem. Although cit­izens increas­ingly per­ceive global dynam­ics of food pro­duc­tion and com­mer­cial­iz­a­tion as part of the his­tor­ical causes of the eco­lo­gical crisis and the per­sist­ing hun­ger in the world, research on food secur­ity tend to rely on the same, search­ing for tech­no­lo­gical fixes to a profit-ori­ented model exploit­ing liv­ing mat­ter. Com­bin­ing the­or­et­ical per­spect­ives on global inequal­it­ies with social move­ment research on food justice, Food for Justice will focus in Europe (with focus on Ger­many) and in Latin Amer­ica (focus­ing on Brazil) to gen­er­ate know­ledge about which food sys­tem cit­izens desire, which solu­tions are already there that address social con­cerns and how to redir­ect pub­lic policies towards a fair and sus­tain­able food sys­tem.

Doc­toral researcher (m/f/d)

with 65% part-time job | lim­ited to 31.03.2024 (end of pro­ject) | Ent­gelt­gruppe 13 TV-L FU | ref­er­ence code: LAI-FFJ-Prae­doc-2021

Work­ing field:

Job descrip­tion:
  • To engage in advanced aca­demic research in the area of the food inequal­it­ies in Brazil and Ger­many. Par­ti­cip­ate in the activ­it­ies of the Research Group. 


  • Under­take doc­toral research on social innov­a­tions and mobil­iz­a­tions over food inequal­it­ies in Brazil and Ger­many, con­sid­er­ing trans­re­g­ional con­nec­tions

  • Con­duct field research on solid­ar­ity net­works of agri­cul­tural pro­duc­tion and con­sump­tion and food move­ments, address­ing the role of socio-envir­on­mental and gender inequal­it­ies (know­ledge of food stud­ies, gender stud­ies, social move­ment and envir­on­mental stud­ies is a plus)

  • Con­duct team research in sur­vey and polit­ical com­mu­nic­a­tion ana­lysis

  • Write research art­icles for peer-reviewed journ­als, a book chapter for an edited volume

  • Present papers at con­fer­ences and sem­inars to dis­sem­in­ate research find­ings

  • Sci­entific and internal com­mu­nic­a­tion of the research pro­ject


  • MA in Soci­ology or Latin Amer­ican Stud­ies with out­stand­ing qual­i­fic­a­tion

  • Flu­ency in Brazilian Por­tuguese, Eng­lish and Ger­man is required. Span­ish is help­ful.

  • Will­ing­ness to par­ti­cip­ate in all activ­it­ies of the Research Group

  • Pre­vi­ous exper­i­ence with qual­it­at­ive/quant­it­at­ive social sci­entific meth­ods (exper­i­ence of digital eth­no­graphy, sur­vey, and news­pa­per ana­lysis is espe­cially wel­come)
  • Research exper­i­ence in Brazil and/or Ger­many is desir­able

  • Exper­i­ence with sci­entific com­mu­nic­a­tion is desir­able

  • First edit­or­ial exper­i­ence is wel­come

How to ap­ply:

For fur­ther inform­a­tion, please con­tact Mrs. Irina Fer­reira Range ( / 030 83869828).

All applic­a­tions quot­ing the ref­er­ence code should be dir­ec­ted prefer­ably elec­tron­ic­ally in one PDF-file no later than June 21st, 2021 to Mrs. Prof. Dr. Ren­ata Cam­pos Motta:

On the given occa­sion and for the dur­a­tion of the essen­tial on-site oper­a­tions by Freie Uni­versität Ber­lin, we kindly ask you to apply elec­tron­ic­ally by e-mail. The pro­cessing of a postal applic­a­tion can­not be guar­an­teed.

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Drittmit­tel­pro­jekt Food For Justice
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