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Research Assist­ant (Prae­doc) (m/f/d)

1/2-part-time job | Lim­ited to 3,5 years | Ent­gelt­gruppe 13 TV-L FU | Ref­er­ence code: 21411500/23/21

Work­ing field:

In the Klinger Lab, we focus on the devel­op­ment of nano-struc­tured poly­meric mater­i­als and col­loids with dynamic and respons­ive prop­er­ties. Our research is inspired by nature's out­stand­ing abil­ity to cre­ate very spe­cific (mac­ro­scopic) func­tions through molecu­lar and struc­tural design. To approach sim­ilar levels of con­trol in syn­thetic mater­i­als, we work on mul­tiple length scales: Start­ing from the rational design of molecu­lar units, we develop well-defined poly­meric archi­tec­tures and con­trol their self-assembly into ordered super­struc­tures. Addi­tion­ally, we focus on the use of con­fine­ments to cre­ate addi­tional ele­ments of hier­archy. The syn­ergy between chem­ical and struc­tural func­tion­al­ity allows the devel­op­ment of poly­meric nan­o­particles and -mater­i­als for a broad vari­ety of applic­a­tions.

Job descrip­tion:

  • Work­ing on a research pro­ject for a PhD thesis/doc­toral dis­ser­ta­tion

  • Par­ti­cip­a­tion in research pro­jects regard­ing the syn­thesis and char­ac­ter­iz­a­tion of poly­meric nan­o­particles: Con­trolling (mac­ro­scopic) func­tion­al­ity by tun­ing internal mor­pho­logy and over­all shape
  • Par­ti­cip­a­tion in teach­ing (flu­ent Ger­man lan­guage skills required)

  • The can­did­ate should act­ively par­ti­cip­ate in research pro­jects in the Klinger Lab. Espe­cially, the devel­op­ment of poly­meric nan­o­particles with well-defined shapes and internal mor­pho­lo­gies should be addressed. For this, con­cepts from syn­thetic mac­ro­molec­u­lar chem­istry should be com­bined with meth­ods from the fields of col­loidal chem­istry and self-assembly. This includes syn­thesis and char­ac­ter­iz­a­tion of (macro-)molecu­lar build­ing blocks, their assembly into nan­o­particles, char­ac­ter­iz­a­tion of the col­loidal mater­i­als, and invest­ig­a­tions on the res­ult­ing mac­ro­scopic func­tion­al­ity.


  • Com­pleted uni­versity degree (Mas­ter, Dip­loma, State exam­in­a­tion) in chem­istry, mater­i­als sci­ence, phar­macy or closely related fields

  • Very good to excel­lent uni­versity degree
  • Abil­ity to inde­pend­ently work on a research pro­ject
  • Exper­i­ence in con­duct­ing goal ori­ent­ated research and struc­tur­ing research tasks
  • Excel­lent abil­ity to work in a team and enthu­si­asm for cooper­at­ive work
  • Sound know­ledge and prac­tical expert­ise in organic chem­istry / poly­mer chem­istry / col­loidal chem­istry
  • Teach­ing exper­i­ence in organic chem­istry and/or phar­ma­ceut­ical chem­istry
  • Excel­lent Eng­lish lan­guage skills and flu­ent Ger­man lan­guage skills
  • You are highly inter­ested in mul­tidiscip­lin­ary research and are motiv­ated to inde­pend­ently engage with com­plex top­ics.
  • You enjoy present­ing your work with flu­ent Eng­lish lan­guage skills in a pro­fes­sional 

How to ap­ply:

For fur­ther inform­a­tion, please con­tact Mr. Prof. Dr. Daniel Klinger ( / 838-60001).

Applic­a­tions should be sent by e-mail, together with sig­ni­fic­ant doc­u­ments, indic­at­ing the ref­er­ence code, in PDF format (prefer­ably as one doc­u­ment) no later than June 15th, 2021 to Mr. Prof. Dr. Daniel Klinger: .
On the given occa­sion and for the dur­a­tion of the essen­tial on-site oper­a­tions by Freie Uni­versität Ber­lin, we kindly ask you to apply elec­tron­ic­ally by e-mail. The pro­cessing of a postal applic­a­tion can­not be guar­an­teed.

Freie Uni­versität Ber­lin
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