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Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­sität Ber­lin - Faculty III - Process Sciences - Institute of Energy Technology / Dept. of Community Energy and Adaptation to Climate Change

Our research and project work at the Department of Community Energy and Adaptation to Climate Change (CEACC) focuses on systemic, economic, societal and socio-ecological just considerations of Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change and approaches to Community Energy in the Global South. Through critical analysis and an interdisciplinary team of economists, engineers and social scientists, we investigate impactful and sustainable concepts depending on the local needs, priorities and resources. We collaborate with international partners in the areas of research, development cooperation, private sector and public organizations at various levels. More information at

We collaborate with the Berlin-based NGO Hudara gGmbH which is a consortium and project partner in various projects that CEACC coordinates. Hudara is an independent and impartial organization that is committed to support people whose lives are affected by poverty, conflict and climate change. The organization's projects focus on issues such as community development, peaceful coexistence, well-being and mental health, climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as social and environmental justice. The aim of all actions is to decentralize debates and interventions, strengthen horizontal lines of communication and work in close collaboration with people of the community and local initiatives. More information at

Research Assistant - 80 % working-time - salary grade E13 TV-L Berliner Hochschulen

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Working field:

The tasks of the vacant position include the scientific investigation of the topic of Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change as well as of the transfer and applicability of concepts and project findings beyond the project location and the project partners. The work will be conducted in collaboration with Hudara gGmbH.

About Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change:
As per estimates, 3.6 billion people are affected by the impacts of climate change, 1.2 billion people are expected to be displaced by 2050 and 2 billion by 2100.
Top-down adaptation approaches often show shortcomings, weak and limited adaptation outcomes, accompanied by socio-economic or environmental deficiencies and resistance by the local communities. Community-based adaptation to climate change (BA) addresses this by taking up adaptation a priori as a social process. Following this approach, each project begins with an assessment of the needs and vulnerabilities of the affected community - not only in relation to the geographical climate impacts but also to the sociopolitical context. By building on local Knowledge and capacities, participatory and inclusive co-creation and an inter- and transdisciplinary appeal, CBA has the potential to be a more socially just, resource efficient and effective long-term approach to context sensitive climate change adaptation.
Trans- and interdisciplinarity encompasses not only the fusion of natural and social science but also of art, care, and technology. It also recognizes the existence of and work with feminist and indigenous ways of living and systems of knowledge (re)production.


  • Completed scientific university degree (Master's degree, diploma or equivalent) in ecological economics, economics, environmental, social sciences or similar with relation to climate change
  • Good knowledge of German and/or English required; willingness to acquire the respective missing language skills
  • Prior knowledge of the topic of adaptation to climate change and/or development economics / development policy
  • Prior knowledge on usage of quantitative and qualitative research methods


  • Prior knowledge on on climate resilience
  • French or Arabic language skills
  • Experience in writing scientific publications
  • Experience in participating in international research projects

How to apply:

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