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The European Research Council (ERC) project "Resolvency - A global theory of reflexive debt (deliberation)" explores the relation between law and debt. Based on debt as a central economic medium, the goal is to develop ideas for a more sustainable global financial regulation. The research team, comprising the principal investigator Prof. Lomfeld, three law PhD students, an economic postdoc and three student assistants, analyses mechanisms for debt restructuring and relief across all debtor groups (companies, consumers, states) and develops legal policy alternatives. A distinctive feature of the project is its specifically interdisciplinary research approach which, in addition to law, not only includes approaches from economics, philosophy, sociology, and anthropology but also incorporates empirical socio-scientific methods.

research assistance (praedoc) (m/f/d) ERC project Resolvency

with 1/2-part-time job
limited to 30.04.2026
Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L FU
Kennung: 08/23/09014200

Working field:

An independent subproject on the indebtedness of states (e.g. sovereign debt according to international law, European Stability Mechanism, international financial architecture, Green Bonds or the like) is to be worked on in close cooperation with the principal investigator and the project team. The exact tailoring of the subproject takes place in consultation at the time of commencing work. The position should serve the own academic qualification; the opportunity to obtain one’s doctorate is given. Applications of those who have already started their PhD thesis in this field are welcome.


First legal state exam or equivalent degree from other disciplines. We also welcome international applications.

The academic degree should be above average. Knowledge of or interests in the disciplines mentioned, particularly in economic or social sciences, are as much an advantage as prior experience in quantitative methods or computer programming, as well as good command of the written and spoken English language (equivalent to minimum level B2). Scientific experience or interests are further welcome.

How to apply:

For further information, please contact Frau Alexandra Bärenfeldt ( 03083855915).

Applications should be sent by e-mail, together with significant documents, indicating the reference code, in PDF format (preferably as one document) no later than April 26 th, 2023 to Herrn Prof. Dr. Bertram Lomfeld: or postal to

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