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Freie Uni­ver­si­tät Ber­lin - Fach­be­reich Poli­tik- und Sozi­al­wis­sen­schaf­ten - Otto-Suhr-Insti­tut für Poli­tik­wis­sen­schaft - Frei­geist Rese­arch Group

The Freigeist Research Group “The inter­na­tional polit­ical eco­nomy is not what it seems - global mon­et­ary rela­tions in the age of Eurodol­lar futures” ana­lyses how the off­shore dol­lar or Eurodol­lar sys­tem shapes the inter­na­tional dis­tri­bu­tion of power. The Eurodol­lar mar­kets are dif­fi­cult to trace stat­ist­ic­ally because there is no record of where, and by which bank a dol­lar has been cre­ated. The pro­ject attempts to make the Eurodol­lar vis­ible by com­bin­ing a soci­olo­gical under­stand­ing of money with a his­tor­ic­ally informed ana­lysis of the inter­na­tional polit­ical eco­nomy of the Eurodol­lar sys­tem and its geo­pol­it­ical con­sequences. The pro­ject is also inter­ested in the off­shore dol­lars’ effect on demo­cracy, inequal­ity, and fin­an­cial sta­bil­ity in a geo­pol­it­ic­ally fra­gile world. The research group’s work is loc­ated at a global and at an inter­na­tional com­par­at­ive level focus­ing on indi­vidual coun­tries in Latin Amer­ica, Europe, Asia, and the United States. Field research is a core ele­ment of the group’s work. The related travel expenses will be covered.

The group offers a PhD pos­i­tion lim­ited to 3.5 years at the pay cat­egory 13 TV-L FU. This includes health insur­ance, pay­ments towards social secur­ity and old age pen­sion, as well as paid hol­i­days. The research group offers flex­ible work­ing hours and a beau­ti­ful work­ing envir­on­ment in Ber­lin-Dah­lem. The pos­i­tion serves the own sci­entific qual­i­fic­a­tion.

PhD can­di­date (Pra­e­doc) (m/w/d)


Working field:

  • imple­ment an inde­pend­ent PhD pro­ject within the group’s research agenda
  • sup­port to the research group’s over­all work, includ­ing research, organ­isa­tional and admin­is­trat­ive tasks


  • Com­pleted gradu­ate degree in polit­ical sci­ence, inter­na­tional polit­ical eco­nomy, inter­na­tional rela­tions, or related dis­cip­lines.
  • very good mas­ter’s degree
  • excel­lent Eng­lish lan­guage skills (writ­ing, read­ing, speak­ing)
  • excel­lent qual­it­at­ive or quant­it­at­ive meth­ods skills
  • Interest in doing research at the inter­sec­tion of polit­ical sci­ence, eco­nomic his­tory, and fin­an­cial soci­ology.
  • pre­vi­ous know­ledge of and interest in the polit­ical eco­nomy of the inter­na­tional fin­an­cial sys­tem, off­shore fin­ance, and/or the polit­ics of money with a regional focus on either Latin Amer­ica or Europe.
  • Lan­guage skills of the coun­tries/regions rel­ev­ant for the dis­ser­ta­tion pro­ject desir­able
  • Inter­na­tional exper­i­ence
  • Abil­ity to work inde­pend­ently as well as in a team, abil­ity to take ini­ti­at­ive and gen­er­ate ideas and solu­tions
  • Will­ing­ness to travel inter­na­tion­ally
  • basic know­ledge of Ger­man desir­able but not a must
  • pre­vi­ous work exper­i­ence in a related area desir­able but not a must

How to apply:

For any ques­tions, please con­tact Judith Jäckel exclus­ively via e- mail (

Inter­ested applic­ants are invited to sub­mit applic­a­tions includ­ing a cover let­ter, cur­riculum vitae, an exposé (max. 3 pages plus ref­er­ences) out­lining the pro­posed dis­ser­ta­tion pro­ject and its fit with the group’s research agenda, doc­u­ment­a­tion of qual­i­fic­a­tions and tran­scripts, the names of two ref­er­ees (only ref­er­ees of short-lis­ted can­did­ates will be con­tac­ted for a let­ter of ref­er­ence), pub­lic­a­tions if avail­able.

Women and other under­rep­res­en­ted groups are strongly encour­aged to apply. The dead­line for
applic­a­tions is 14 Feb­ru­ary 2022.
All applic­a­tions quot­ing the ref­er­ence code should be dir­ec­ted prefer­ably elec­tron­ic­ally in one
PDF-file to: Mrs. Andrea Binder:
On the given occa­sion and for the dur­a­tion of the essen­tial on-site oper­a­tions by Freie Uni­versität Ber­lin, we kindly ask you to apply elec­tron­ic­ally by e-mail. The pro­cessing of a postal applic­a­tion can­not be guar­an­teed. Applic­a­tion mater­i­als sent by mail can­not be returned.

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With an elec­tronic applic­a­tion, you acknow­ledge that FU Ber­lin saves and pro­cesses your data.
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