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Freie Uni­ver­si­tät Ber­lin - Department of Mathematics and Computer Science - Institute of Mathematics

University Professor of Applied Analysis

Working field:

The appointed candidate will cover research and teaching in the field of applied analysis.


Appointment requirements are governed by Section 100 of the Berlin Higher Education Act (Berliner Hochschulgesetz – BerIHG).

In addition, candidates should be engaged in research on variational methods of applied analysis with applications in optoelectronics and material sciences, especially crack growth and fracture mechanics. They should have experience in acquiring and leading externally funded research projects. Candidates should demonstrate a record of internationally visible research activities through reviewed publications in internationally leading journals, along with relevant experience in teaching at the university level. Candidates should be able to teach courses in English.

Along with the regular official duties of professors listed in Section 99 of the Berlin Higher Education Act, we expect the appointee to engage in the following activities:

The new appointee will be expected to work closely with other working groups in the department and to actively collaborate in joint projects of Berlin’s mathematics community, in particular the MATH+ Cluster of Excellence, or the DFG Collaborative Research Center 1114: Scaling Cascades in Complex Systems. They will be expected to acquire individual research projects and participate in joint activities financed through third-party funding. They will also be expected to make a sustainable contribution to the introductory courses offered within the mathematics bachelor’s degree program as well as advanced courses offered within the master's degree program and the Berlin Mathematical School. The new professor will be expected to participate in the training and support of early-career researchers in a way that integrates an awareness of gender and diversity issues. They should also be willing to fill any gaps in their knowledge of German to a level that enables them to teach in German within a maximum of three years after starting the position.

How to apply:

Applications should include a CV, copies of all certificates of academic qualification in German or English; a list of publications, a list of courses previously taught, and evidence of teaching aptitude. Please include information on involvement in ongoing and future research endeavors, joint research projects, and externally funded projects. If necessary, please include language certificates. If applicable, please give information on partnerships with industry, inventions/patents, and spin-offs.

Please submit all application materials electronically as one PDF file (maximum 5 MB) by
October 28th, 2021
. Be sure to include a personal postal address and email, as well as the reference code for the position. For formal purposes, (i.e., for formatting application documents), you may use the following postal address, but please send your application to the e-mail address below it:

Freie Universität Berlin
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Dean’s Office
Attn: Ms. Üzel
Arnimallee 14
14195 Berlin


Professor Kornhuber is available to answer any questions related to the position at .

Application documents will be deleted from our servers after the legal retention period has lapsed.

Application guidelines, general information on the appointment procedure, appointment requirements for professorships at Freie Universität Berlin, and the regulations defined by the Berlin Higher Education Act that are relevant to professorships (Sections 99, 100, 101, 102a, 102c BerlHG) can be found online:

On the given occasion and for the duration of the essential on-site operations by Freie Universität Berlin, we kindly ask you to apply electronically by e-mail. The processing of a postal application cannot be guaranteed.

With an electronic application, you acknowledge that FU Berlin saves and processes your data. FU Berlin cannot guarantee the security of your personal data if you send your application over an unencrypted connection.

Freie Universität Berlin is an equal opportunity employer.